Do Ho So




Do Ho Suh, Reflection, Nylon and Stainless Steel Tubing. Lehman Maupin Gallery, New York, New York 2004


Do Ho Suh’s “ Reflection” utilizes translucent blue- teal fabric to divide the white walls of the Lehman Maupin Gallery. On one side, the meticulously crafted architectural gate spills into the gallery space, hovering upside down, suspended above the wooden floor. The gate is remarkably detailed, each individual brick and stone design recreated and l carefully rendered. The impeccable craftsmanship erases any sign of the human hand; the sculpture is machine like in its perfection. The light spilling in from the skylight on the ceiling illuminates the fabric creating an ephemeral feeling, as if we are looking at a space that is no longer attainable, even heavenly. The weightlessness of the nylon blurs the lines between object and memory.


Above the divide an upright gate floats, identically mirrored with the gate below, its reflection veiled by equidistant strips of nylon, attached seamlessly across the space, only visible through the haze of teal translucent fabric. The space is meditative, as if looking at a reflection in water; the structure is permeable and porous, allowing the viewer to see all the way through the sculpture.


I am drawn to this image because of its seamless formal qualities. The impeccable attention to detail allows me to enter a space that is purposeful, and believable.  I believe that this gate once existed in the world, and view its seclusion in this new space with a sense of longing.  It is a reflection, both physically and conceptually.  The choice of material also draws me to this piece. The way the light hits the nylon illuminating the sculpture creates a stunning blue glow. The glow turns the structure into a dreamscape for me, evoking a sacred, transient space to reflect on.

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