Prelude to the Inevitable

Prelude to the Inevitable from Andrea Zampitella on Vimeo.


Documentation of Prelude to the Inevitable, a multimedia collaboration (May 1st, 2008)

The piece analyzes the importance of our history as artists and the evolution of our tools and resources. Often new developments in technology lead to the replacement of older, more traditional ways of life. By utilizing a variety of media including video manipulation and programming, projection and lighting in conjunction with live movement and sound performance, Prelude to the Inevitable explores and integrates the struggles and successes involved with the convergence of current and outdated mediums.

Director: Andrea Zampitella
Ast. Director: Dolores Cuccovia
Music: Ben Cantil
Choreography: Mariela Cerda
Video Performance: Zebbler (Peter Berdovsky)
Costumes: Margaret Kasper
Electronics: Andrea Zampitella and Fred Wolflink
Dancers: Lucy Stack, Katie Feeley, Aimee Fix
String Quartet: Andrew Reiner, Chris Baum, Tomoko
Omura, Louie Jolian

Documentation edited by Zebbler.

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