‘Open Libraries,­ Open Minds’ Location : PARCEL R1 (parking lot on Tyler Street south of Kneeland Street, former site of the old Chinatown YMCA) or Near Chinatown Gate
Open Libraries, Open Minds is a mobile installation that aims to bring awareness to Chinatown visitors that Chinatown residents still do not have a library branch, as well as provide free access to reading materials for all ages and reading levels. This mini library will house many new books and various articles from the historic newspaper on the closure of the Chinatown branch. Closed Library,­Closed Minds is a phrase that many protesters chanted after the closure of the Tyler St. Library. Our Library, “Open Library­ Open Minds” is designed to promote free access to information, and open people up to a communal space that can act as incubators for ideas to emerge. 
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