June 16th, 2012
Griffin Museum of Photography
The Hive emerged as a way to advocate for the health of bees, which are vital to the survival of a majority of our crops. The recent phenomenon CCD ( colony collapse disorder) continues to affect hives across the United States. As a result, bees are mysteriously disappearing from their hives. The disappearance of the bee’s sometimes cause entire colonies to collapse without enough worker bees to keep the hive running. Inspired by the bee population’s natural and incredible survival instinct, and teamwork, The Hive is a structure that is experiential, multi-sensory and interactive, inviting artists, sculptors, musicians, and all creative thinkers to contribute to the construction, atmosphere and culture of our communal space.
The Hive:
Andrea Zampitella
Nicole Colella
Aurelio Ramos
Larry Frisoli
Nick Carlisle
Amy Brown
Lindsay Garvey
Angelina Zhou
  Click on the link below to check out our trip to the Wright Locke Farm in Winchester, MA
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