3 Channel Installation
Masters Low Residency Program
Bakalar Paine Galleries at Massachusetts College of Art 2014
Within and Without Bounds, Landsdowne Street, Boston MA  Fenway’s Billboard Project, 2014.
Within and Without Bounds explores the duality of existence. The expansiveness of the ocean juxtaposed against the sinking weights attached to a body, conjuring up references to the suicide of Virgina Woolfe, the tantalizing possibility of self harm. I often find myself asking how much weight is being held based on our past, our inherited values and our traditions and not on our own beliefs? What do we loose if we let go of that weight? What do we gain? The figure draws her journey through the edge of the shore only for it to be continuously washed away by the tide. My research extends to the Victorian era, when women belonged to the domestic sphere, when the ideal silhouette at the time demanded a narrow waist, accomplished by a constricting corset that would lead to severe medical problems. While we have progressed since the Victorian era, women still carry the burden of these expectations. Within and Without Bounds speaks to expectation, imperfection, perseverance, what we willingly do to ourselves as artists, as women, and as a society. I aim for a visual poetry, a universal story.
Thank you to everyone who helped along the way:
Nicole Colella
Matthew Butler-Buger Boof
Aurelio Ramos
Brack Morrow
Mark Dellelo
Sara Wichterman
Monica Mitchell
Peter Rogier
Laura Piraino
Dottie and Joe Zampitella
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